I go by Ginngi. I’m a filmmaker and full-time
dreamer with an unwavering passion for cinema.

My childhood was projected in black and white and filled with stories sometimes loftier than my young mind could grasp. Thankfully, I grew into them, and watched films from Hollywood’s Golden Age while other children read Golden Books. Following the subtitles of Kurosawa, Miyazaki and many others encouraged me to read and I considered directors such as Lean, Capra, and their characters, my friends. Like Alice falling into a strange and sumptuous wonderland, so too do I tumble down a rabbit hole comprised of the dreams and visions of  filmmakers.

Naturally, this steady diet of films lead to many places including the Savannah College of Art and Design where I continued to study the art of filmmaking and the immersive world of cinema studies. There, I expanded my knowledge of, and fervor for, all things Cinema and was awarded a bachelor of fine arts degree. Every passion, obsession and interest has faithfully lead back to film and I want to share all three with a wider audience. The Cinema Doll is an amalgamation of my memories and experiences and I hope it encourages you to live life cinematically.